Mathematical Art

Posters from the Goldbach Universe

After one year of searching the prime number universe I came up with this beautyfull pictures. There is a deep meaning inside them and they look fantastic. The meaning has to do with Goldbach’s Conjecture.

Here a photography and a movie (there are very interssting optical effects by watching the picture!) of one realisation.

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I think this is art. Math Art! So if you want to buy this art contact

There are infintly many different unique pictures of this Idea. The price for a realisation of the idea is 500€ + production costs for the materialisation + transport costs.


small and fast: unique picture 500.-€ + 3.-€ (din a4 inkjet print photopaper) + 1.45€ (transport)

big and slow: unique picture 500.-€ + 130.-€ (framed canvas 120×80 cm) + 10.-€ (transport)

Other formats are possible. Ask

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The t-shirt #1 is stille available