Entity 1 (How this project started)

The T-Shirt #1

1 may be soon this factor will be out of date ;-) The price will raise day by day. Because T-Shirt #1 is the prototypic representation of the first entity on muzuu.com, we think it is a good deal. You can also order serial 3 upto ∞ for 50 Euro ($ 75). At the moment, simply write an Email to Kizuu. It will contact you. We strongly recommend the original formular, because it is a symbol of a bavarian idiomatic phrase. But if you like, we can produce it in English too. φυα or κμα may meet the original meaning.

Other languages will follow.

The T-Shirt #2

This is zuufuzus private t-shirt. It is not for sale, but you can copy it if you want. Download the pics (formular and serial below) and go to an online t-shirt shop.

Here are the first 30 serials, counting is base 3: